Other Committees

Committee Names Committee Coordinator Committee Members
Accommodation and Hospitality Committee Dr. Vikas  Kaushik Dr Himanshu Rikhari, Dr Nilohit
Transport Committee Dr.  Amit Sehgal Dr M P Singh and  Dr Ashiq
Catering Committee Dr. Anand Mohan Mr Anupam Kumar and Mr Shashank Garg
Registration and Certificate Dr. Gyanesh B Singh Dr Vikas Sharma, Dr Yumnam Devashree, Dr Amaninder Kaur and Dr Madhuri
Media, Advertisement and website committee Dr. Minhaj Ahmad  Ms Sujata and Dr Murtaza Mehndi
Printing Dr. Rahul Singh Dr Najitha,  Dr Arvind and Dr. Nitu Maity
Stage and Anchoring Er. Chirag Chopra Dr Evangeline, Ms  Nidhi Mehta and Dr Richa Arora
Discipline Committee Er. Himanshu Singh   Er Sanjeev, Er Amarish Sharma, Dr Anjuvan, Dr Manoj Jena, Er Ajay Kumar, Dr Ayan
Cultural Committee Ms. Anu Bansal Ms Kiran Yadav
Scientific Committee Dr.Gaurav Kumar Dr Vineet,  Dr. M.P Singh,  Dr. Mohammad Amin-ul Mannan,  Dr. Mrinmoy Ghosh,   Dr. Devendra Kumar pandey, Dr Vijay Kumar,  Dr Shristry Gautam, Dr Dhriti Kapoor, Dr Umesh Goutam, Dr Jaskaran Singh
Poster Committee Dr. Ashish Vyas Dr Nazam, Dr Surender, Dr. Mamta Pujari, Dr Loveleen
Oral Committee Dr. Joydeep Dutta Dr Bhupinder Koul, Dr Dhriti Kapoor, Dr Ajay Kumar, Dr. Parul Parihar, Mr Prabhjot jassal
Stall Committee Dr. Jaskaran  Singh Faray Jamal
Sponsorship  Committee Dr. Arun Karnwal Umesh Goutam
Finance Committee Dr Rattandeep Singh Mr Rajkumar Arya, Mr Gaurav Thakur