Open the url http://conferences.lpu.in/iccs


Sign Up

Click on “Paper Submission” on the menu bar. In the drop down menu, click on “Sign up”. A new form will open up. Fill the names, email IDs and contact numbers of the authors and also mark any one of the authors as the corresponding author. All further communication will be done with the corresponding author only.



After the completion of Step 2 an email will be sent to the corresponding author with a login ID and a password. The login ID and password will be system generated which cannot be changed.



Click on “Paper Submission” in the menu bar. In the drop down menu, click on “Login” and login to the portal with your valid credentials.


Submit the paper

Submit your paper in the format given in the portal. Note that this is not the final format. Camera ready paper needs to be submitted when the journal for which your paper is selected gets finalized.



Paper will be reviewed by a minimum of two specialized reviewers. After reviewing, the board will respond with any one of the three outcomes:

  • Paper could be accepted as such
  • Paper could be rejected
  • Some modifications could be suggested which you will have to incorporate and submit the paper again.
This outcome will be notified to you by email.



Submit the paper again through the portal with suggested modifications and Step 6 will be repeated till the paper is accepted.


Submit Camera Ready paper

Once you get an email regarding acceptance of paper, login to the portal with the credentials and check that your paper is selected for which journal. Once you know that your paper is selected for which journal, you need to submit the camera ready paper again in the specific format of that particular journal. Guidelines for all the paper formats of various journals will be available in downloadable format from the portal.


Register the presenters

Once you submit the camera ready paper, click on “Presenter Registration” in the portal. Fill the details of the person who will be presenting the paper. Presenter should mandatorily be one of the authors of the paper. More than one presenter can also be registered. Once the presenters are registered, a link for online submission of fee will be activated. The total amount of fee will depend upon the number of presenters chosen.


Submit the Fee

Click on “Online Fee submission” and submit the fee online.