International Conference on

Fine Arts (ICFASS - 2024)

Theme: Brushstrokes of Innovation: Exploring Contemporary Trends in Fine Arts”

May 4, 2024

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About the Conference

This conference is going to be organized in collaboration with both School of Liberal and Creative Arts (Fine Arts), Lovely Professional University and STEM International Organizer. The conference focuses on contemporary trends in fine arts, bringing together artists, scholars, critics and experts in the field of fine arts to present their research, share their experiences and discuss emerging trends in brushwork innovation. Speakers include renowned artists may include those known for their innovative approaches to brushwork, as well as academics and critics who can provide theoretical insight and historical context.


  • Digital Revolution: The Impact of Technology on Fine Arts
  • Breaking Boundaries: Interdisciplinary Approaches in Contemporary Art
  • Reimagining Tradition: Modern Interpretations of Classic Techniques
  • The Intersection of Art and Activism in the 21st Century
  • Sustainability and Eco-Art: Addressing Environmental Concerns Through Artistic
  • Expression Identity and Representation: Diversity in Contemporary Art Practices
  • Beyond the Canvas: Exploring Installation, Performance, and New Media Art
  • Art in the Age of Social Media: Navigating Digital Platforms and Online Communities
  • Global Perspectives: Cross-Cultural Influences in Contemporary Art Art as Experience: Immersive and Participatory Installations

Chief Patron

Dr. Ashok Kumar Mittal

Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India


Smt Rashmi Mittal

Pro Chancellor,
Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India

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