Workshop on GC-MS/MS: Principles and Applications (20th August 2020)

(Organized by Central Instrumentation Facility, Division of Research and Development, LPU)

About Central Instrumentation Facility (CIF):

CIF houses a wide range of high-end instruments GC-MS/MS, HPLC, FESEM, powder-XRD, TGA, DSC to name a few. This facility is available for faculties, research scholars and students for sample analysis in support of research in basic, applied and medical sciences. CIF has MoUs with premier companies including Shimadzu, Jeol, Bruker, PerkinElmer etc. The services of this facility are not limited only to the stakeholders of LPU but are extended to Academic & Research Institutions, Universities, Industries and NGOs.

About the workshop

The aim of the workshop is to provide a forum to the learners from different disciplines of science, engineering and technology to have hands on training and exchange of ideas on GC-MS/MS. The scope of this workshop is to give a quick glance on the theoretical principles and applications of gas chromatography with mass spectrometry along with handheld practical demonstration sessions. This is also a forum for learners in sample preparation methods for the analysis of various sample types. The workshop will be focusing on seamless integration of the following:

A) Mass spectrometry

  • Theory of mass spectrometry
  • Training on direct inlet mode for mass spectra
  • Applications of mass spectrometry
  • Analysis of solid and liquid samples


  • Theory of GC-MS/MS
  • Applications of gas chromatography coupled with triple quadrupole mass spectrometry
  • Analysis of samples 


  • Theory of GC-FID
  • Applications of gas chromatography coupled with triple
  • Flame ionization detector
  • Analysis of samples      

Registration details:

  • Maximum No of participants: 30
  • Registration fees: INR1000/-

Resource Person:

The speaker and trainer of this workshop; Dr. Surajpal Verma is an Associate Professor of School of Pharmaceutical Sciences in LPU. His area of expertise is in the analysis of different active pharmaceutical ingredients, formulations and related substances by using GC-MS, HPLC, FTIR, DSC, HPTLC etc. He is the Faculty in-charge of Shimadzu-LPU Centre for Advanced Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry, Central Instrumentation Facility (CIF), Division of Research and Development, Lovely Professional University. He has published more than 45 research articles in peer reviewed international and national journals.