Introduction to the conference

Envisioning the New International HEI models

Building a common world also means reconciling with adversities and marching ahead together. We have seen how a health crisis can change the course of history, and it was heartwarming to see that Covid brought the Education world together. It is commendable how institutions and governments across the world worked objectively to provide education locally and globally.

This dialogue aims to bring forward the thoughts of the World Education leaders to provide a radar to move forward in 2021. With the news of Vaccinations being deployed, the Covid crisis has come to a full circle, and we are looking forward to settling into a newer world, made safer by the advent of the vaccines which couldn’t have come sooner. There is a lot of trepidation as we are ready to set our foot back into the International Higher Education Globally Mobile world.

Together with the global experts we will seek to examine the elements necessary to ensure the reliability of international higher education and how international policy makers play a crucial role to set up a plan for the unknown and known challenges.

We will encourage speakers to investigate how familiar patterns, practices, and partnerships that have been thoroughly unsettled by the pandemic could be reinvigorated, and even re-established upon new foundations, to foster resilient, cooperative relationships when the immediate crisis has passed.

We have brought together a blend of forward-thinking educators to bring a deeper understanding of the present-day education disruptors and predict a scenario for the world beyond - a world which will remember the fear but will be armed with the vaccine and how International educators will always have to be on the edge to meet the dynamic changes of nature, policy and social world