Other Committees

Invitation Committee
Dr. Kulwinder Singh (Coordinator)
Registration Committee
Dr. Sonika (Coordinator)
Technical Committee
Dr. Ashish Kumar (Coordinator)
Dr. Kulwinder Singh (Coordinator)
Dr. Niti Kant (Coordinator)
Dr. Tanay Pramanik (Coordinator)
Dr. Neelam Verma (Coordinator)
Dr. A.K. Srivastava (Coordinator)
Promotion and Sponsorship Committee
Dr. Gurpinder Singh (Coordinator)
Budget and Financial Committee
Dr. Harpreet Kaur (Coordinator)
International Tie Ups Committee
Dr. Runjhun Tandon (Coordinator)
Industry Tie Ups Committee
Dr. Suman Maji (Coordinator)
Dr. Pushpendra Kumar (Co-coordinator)
Content Development Committee
Dr. Rajesh Kumar (Coordinator)
Media and Print Committee
Mr. Deepak Kumar (Coordinator)
Dr. Rekha (Co-coordinator)
Food and Hospitality Committee
Dr. Praveen Sharma (Coordinator)
Dr. Vikas Sharma (Coordinator)
Mr. Raj Arya (Co-coordinator)
Transportation Committee
Mr. Pankaj Kumar (Coordinator)
Dr. Rakesh Yadav (Co-coordinator)
Accommodation Committee
Dr. Mukesh Kumar (Coordinator)
Stage Management Committee
Dr. Rekha Sharma (Coordinator)
Dr. Harpreet Kaur (Co-coordinator)
Ms. Kashish Mehta (Co-coordinator)
Mr. Raj Arya (Co-coordinator)
Discipline Committee
Mr. Gurpreet Singh Bhatia (Coordinator)