February 16-17,2018

About safns

The aim of sustainable agriculture is to produce sufficient high-quality and safe food with best use of available resources. It can be achieved by building on available technology, knowledge and skills in ways that suit local conditions and capacity. Growing food in a sustainable way means adopting practices that produce more with less in the same area of land and use natural resources wisely. By strengthening the resilience of smallholder farmers, we can guarantee food security for the planet’s increasingly hungry global population also reduces emissions.

In this regard, National Conference on Agricultural Sustainability and Food & Nutrition Security invites all innovative peoples for creative and valuable discussion on maintaining agricultural sustainability, food and nutrition security in India. This is an event for researchers, scholars, engineers, resources managers, agriprocess industries (Food Processing Industries), students, policy-makers, and all those interested in agricultural sciences. The conference offers excellent prospect of agricultural and food processing network worldwide to share knowledge and experience on teaching and research in agricultural, food processing and nutrition area.