Paper Submission

All submitted conference papers will be peer reviewed by the competent reviewers. The assessment of the papers shall be made on the basis of their relevance to the theme of the conference and on the parameters like originality, clarity, completeness and contribution to the discipline. Selected papers will be called for presentation and will be invited for publication in the partner/ featured conference journal/s after due blind/ peer review process (or accepted as per journal policies and review process).

Paper submission link:

  • Title (Font size 14, bold, Times New Roman)
  • Author1*, Author2 and Author3 (Font size 11, bold, Times New Roman)
  • 1*Affiliation with pin code (Font size 11, Times New Roman)
  • 2Affiliation with pin code
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  • Corresponding Author Email:

The following points should be kept in my before submitting the manuscript:

  • The abstract should be no more than 200 words
  • The main text should be no more than 4,500 words (Excluding Abstract, Headings, References and figure legends)
  • Main text- (Font size 12, Times New Roman)
  • Manuscript headings- (Font size 12, bold, Times New Roman)
  • References- APA formatting
  • References (limited to 50 references)
  • Acknowledgements
  • Additional Information (including a Competing Interests Statement)
  • Figure legends (these are limited to 350 words per figure)
  • Tables (maximum size of one page