International Conference on

Sociological Understanding of Technological Advancements in Knowledge Society (SUTAKS)

May 2, 2024

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About the Conference

Sociological understanding encompasses the cause-and-effect relationship among various aspects of society like technology, family, marriage, gender, health, environment, etc. This teleological aspect in the form of cause and effect evaluates the existing structural and functional variations within the society. As the theme of the conference deals with the Sociological Understanding of Technological Advancements in Knowledge Society (SUTAKS), here, knowledge society is the outcome of post-modern thought ‘Knowledge is power’ where production as well as consumption of knowledge is going on. Knowledge society considers the needs of human nature and with the utilization of various parameters of knowledge like intelligence, creative association, rationality, and managerial capacities mould its range from concrete scientism to abstract virtualism. Therefore, here, the reference to one of the crucial aspects of the knowledge society comes in the form of technological advancements. Technology has its own knowledge and structure system. Production of new technological bases and consumption of the same have been processed in the premises of knowledge society. As a consequence of producing and consuming innovative techniques, knowledge society experiences various forms of causal nexus like family marriage changes, fluctuating feminism, innovative research, virtualism and meta-technology in social spheres. Through engaging discussions and scholarly presentations, this conference will reveal the truths of dynamism in the post-modern world.

Chief Patron

Dr. Ashok Kumar Mittal

Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India


Smt Rashmi Mittal

Pro Chancellor,
Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India

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