Theme - Business Agility in Volatile Times in association with

November 7-9, 2019 Publication Opportunity


Research Methods workshops
Panel Discussion
Workshop on Innovative thinking
Executive Education : Theory to Practice
Business case Presentations


At present, globalization and digital technology have connived to craft an environment of complexity, challenge old ways of thinking and are fostering innovation in organizations. It is no longer possible to rely only on old ways for running organizations, and leaders have to relearn to thrive in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous situations. As VUCA is being considered the ‘new norm’, we seek applied processes & demonstrated results regarding preparedness, anticipation, evolution and intervention of scholars, academicians, practitioners, and business managers to share their valuable knowledge and experience with each other in the context of strategies for managing businesses.

The conclave aims to:
  • reimagine business ideas in anticipation of more progressive outlook in the coming times.
  • to create platform, processes, and tools that will continue to progress, sustain and provide lead for significant changes to the management of business in VUCA times.
  • bring together leading industry leaders, academic scientists, research scholars and students to share their experiences and research results in different management domains.

The Patrons

  • Ashok Mittal
    Shri Ashok K Mittal Chief Patron

    Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India

  • Rashmi Mittal
    Smt Rashmi Mittal Patron

    Pro Chancellor,
    Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India

  • Abhijit Mukherjee
    Prof. Abhijit Mukherjee Patron

    Dean International-India,
    Curtin University

  • Mariyam Shakeela
    Dr. Mariyam Shakeela Patron

    Honorary Consul of Belgium,
    Member, Advisory Panel, Curtin Business School