The special focus of the conference will be on, but not necessarily restricted to following thrust areas:

  • Development Communication: Global healthcare communications during and post Covid-19
  • Online education during Pandemic-Problems and Prospects
  • Social media and challenges of misinformation
  • Changing scenario of media industry
  • Media literacy in education.
  • New trends and opportunities in digital media
  • New paradigm in digital marketing
  • Regulatory issues related to multinational media corporations
  • Cinema in digital age-OTT challenge
  • Democracy, society and digital media
  • Modern tools and techniques in mass communication
  • Freedom of expression in post truth era
  • Communication issues related to sustainable development goals.
  • Global media and communication methodologies, theories, and perspectives
  • New trends and challenges in advertising and corporate communication
  • Challenges of controlling digital media and its concerns
  • Media laws and ethics amidst changing media environment

Key Areas/Tracks

Journalism and Mass Communication: - 4
  • Development Journalism
  • Media law, ethics and Culture
  • Impact of New media on society
  • Reimagining the standards of electronic media