International Conference on
Holistic Health & Well-being:Issues, Challenges
and Management(ICHHW)
June 2-3, 2023 Online Registration

About Conference

Holistic Health and Wellness is sustained by eight pillars: Physical, Nutritional, Emotional, Social, Spiritual, Intellectual, Financial, and Environmental. The pillars will give you a sense of how to work toward your optimal wellness, but it is by no means prescriptive. The path to wellness is not one-size-fits-all. The journey is unique and different for each individual.

Your biology, personality, and environment will determine what wellness means to you. That is why your approach should be personalized. The common thread for everyone is that wellness requires a holistic approach. To determine your personalized approach to wellness, reflection on the eight pillars of Holistic Health and Wellness is required.

There are endless ways to create Holistic Wellness Solutions - and there is no “right” answer. As you become more aware of the way multiple areas of your life interest, you may find that there are times when one area becomes more important than others. Sometimes, a solution or activity will lose the strength of its positive impact. You need to stay open-minded and compassionate as you develop this new, whole-person approach to well-being.


The vision of the conference is to provide a discussion forum for the academicians, researchers and policy makers across different disciplines and levels for deliberation and dissemination of contemporary research on a wide range of issues associated with holistic mental health & well-being: issues, challenge and management.

The Patron

  • Ashok Mittal
    Shri Ashok K Mittal Chief Patron

    Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India

  • Rashmi Mittal
    Smt Rashmi Mittal Patron

    Pro Chancellor,
    Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India

  • Dr. Preeti Bajaj
    Dr. Preeti Bajaj Patron

    Vice Chancellor,
    Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India