• Contemporary History
  • Religious /Cultural / Mystic History
  • Regional/National/International History
  • Myths VS History


Contemporary History
  • Contribution of modern science in creating and understanding history
  • Changing paradigms in historical research
  • Dynamics of Indian diasporas in history
  • History of skirmishes, battles and wars
Religious /Cultural / Mystic History
  • Cultural History—region wise- specifications and dimensions
  • History of Monuments—Temples. Palaces, Forts, Tombs, Sarais, Gardens
  • Role of language, literature and media in re-visiting history
  • Untold tales of the Sufis and saints of Punjab—an attempt to revisit spiritual Punjab
  • Mystic History—Bhakti and Sufi –evolution of Ganga-Jamni culture
  • History of Religions—Similarities and Fusion
Regional/National/International History
  • Regional History –Local history
  • National History—History of Movements, Ideas, Personalities, Legacy
  • International History—Military History, Change in Power Structure, Biasness and Prejudices
Myths VS History
  • Place of Myth and Dogmas as history
  • History in Myths