The special focus of the conference will be on, but not necessarily restricted to following thrust areas:

Key Areas:
  • Contemporary Indian Music
  • Music and Theatre
  • Music and Media
  • Music and Films
  • Music and Sustainable Development Goals

Sub Themes:

The conference focuses on the recent trends in:

  • Classical & Semi-Classical Music
  • Folk music
  • Popular Music
  • Religious music
  • Classical and folk dances in India
  • Music Education
  • International influences on Indian music
  • Fusion in Indian music
  • Medicinal applications of Indian music
  • Trends and tools in music research
  • Music and social awareness
  • SDGs and music
  • creating music instruments
  • Music and culture
  • Modern and Traditional Approaches to Theatre music
  • Musical theatre
  • The portrayal of the music industry in cinema
  • The role of music in film genre classification
  • The use of sound and music in film
  • Music in advertisement industry
  • Cinema & Popular Music
  • Media & Music
  • Media & Music Education
  • IPR in Music & Media
  • Music Industry & Media