The official Call for Contributions is now open for the 5th Neo-International Conference on Habitable Environments & International Professional Meet 2023 in Lovely Professional University, India. We invite you to participate in the conference program by delivering in-person presentations, participating in Special Sessions and Roundtables, and submitting written Research Papers and Case Study Reports that contribute to the advancement of the planning profession.

Theme: "Empowering Futures: Designing Sustainable & Inclusive Societies"

Topic invited but not limited to:
  • Track 1: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Architecture: Aligning architectural practices with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals to foster social equity, environmental responsibility, and economic resilience.
  • Track 2: Inclusive Design and Social Equity: Prioritizing inclusive design principles for accessibility, gender equality, and social inclusivity in architectural spaces.
  • Track 3: Technological Advancements in Sustainable Construction: Exploring advancements in construction technologies, materials, and methodologies for resource efficiency, carbon neutrality, and circularity.
  • Track 4: Smart Cities and Resilient Environments: Examining the integration of AI, IoT, and data-driven approaches in creating sustainable, livable, and resilient cities for the future.
  • Track 5: AI-Driven Design Innovations: Exploring how artificial intelligence shapes architectural design processes, computational modeling, parametric design, and optimization techniques for sustainable and adaptable built environments.
  • Track 6: Regenerative Design and Biophilic Architecture: Emphasizing regenerative design principles and biophilic architecture for ecological restoration, human well-being, and connection with nature.
  • Track 7: Urban Planning & Resilience, and Mixed-Use Development

Publication details will be available soon.

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