Conference Theme

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The theme of PHYTOCON-2018 “Commercialization of Medicinal Plant Products: Lab Techniques to Trade” aims to focus on the trend in the bioprospecting of medicinal plants for making herbal drugs, with main focus on:

Objectives of the Conference

  • Taxonomy of medicinal plants
  • Validation of traditional knowledge on herbal medicines
  • Conservation of medicinal plants
  • Biotechnology of medicinal plants
  • Bioprospecting of medicinal plants for herbal drugs
  • Bioactive lead molecules from medicinal plants
  • Regulatory compliance for commercialization of herbal drugs
  • Challenges and prospects in herbal drugs
  • IPR and herbal drugs

The Conference provides the research work of pharmacognosy and medicinal chemistry of natural compounds expertise from various scientific backgrounds and the same can be perceived by scientists and students.

Natural compounds play crucial role in modern drug development. Exploration and modification of chemistry and pharmacology of natural compounds is currently the new mantra in cutting-edge research. A large number of research groups are engaged in this exploratory work across the globe. Over 1500 delegates are expected to participate in the event.