Thrust Areas and Sub Themes

Globalization: International Perspectives

  • Economics and Geographies of globalization
  • Globalization and sustainability
  • Glocalization, Anti-globalization De-globalization
  • Literature in the age of globalization & development
  • Re-envisioning globalization for inclusive growth
  • Socio-cultural globalization role of media
  • Technology and globalization

Re-envisioning New World Order

  • Arab Spring, Syria and Middle East crisis
  • Brexit and European Union
  • Combating cyber-crime and global terrorism
  • Declining US hegemony and new world order
  • Globalization and International Institutions
  • Human rights, migration & refugee crisis
  • Role of BRICS in new world order
  • Post truth age, social media and social behaviour

Development and Planning: National Perspectives

  • Balanced regional development and planning
  • Disaster management initiatives and effectiveness
  • Environmental planning and resource management
  • National economic and industrial development
  • Social development and national planning
  • Regional values and cultural concerns
  • Remote Sensing and GIS applications
  • Revisiting rural development
  • Sustainable development challenges in industry and agriculture
  • Urbanization, smart cities and spatial planning
  • Waste management: experiments and initiatives