International Conference on
Sustainable Developmental Goals and
Management Practices
in Tourism & Hospitality Sector
November 1-2, 2019

About the Conference

Global Hospitality and Tourism have been growing tremendously over the past six decades because of the growing number of tourist destinations, investment in tourism, globalization, and improvement in socio-economic factors. The latest figures published by UNTWO indicate earnings from International Tourism for up to 1245 US$. The number of international tourists is expected to reach 1.8 Billion in 2030. The long term forecast indicates an increase in market share of emerging economies to 57% by 2030 equivalent to one billion tourist arrivals worldwide. The global hospitality Industry is also poised for significant growth. Ernst & Young has indicated an annual growth of 8 % in the Hospitality Industry. To meet changing demands, hoteliers are seeking innovative alternatives to traditional lodging products. Several of these products initially emerged in Europe and Asia but have found their way to the US and other markets. The global hospitality event service industry is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 5.4% from 2015 to 2020. The major drivers of growth for this market are the improvement in the global economy, rise in consumer spending, increase in travel and tourism, and growth in the air passenger traffic. Adoption of open skies policy, increasing penetration of low-cost carriers, and a rising number of international tourist arrivals are additional factors contributing to accelerated growth.

The conference aims at bringing together academicians, corporate professionals, policy makers, practitioners, and experts working in the field of tourism and hospitality industry, in order to exchange information and to discuss diverse global perspective and competitive challenges related to tourism and hospitality industry. The objectives of conference are:

  • To bring to light the current and emerging managerial issues and challenges arising due to varied internal and external factors in tourism, hospitality, and aviation sectors.
  • To keep academicians and practitioners abreast with the critical developments related to technology and human relations.
  • To stress the growing need of networking and relationship building in tourism, hospitality, and aviation sectors.
  • To provide a forum for the discussion on the emerging issues and avenues for research and development with vital practical and theoretical implications.
  • To align academics and industry both in terms of conceptual underpinnings as well as real-time practices prevalent in the tourism and hospitality sectors.

The Patrons

  • Ashok Mittal
    Shri Ashok K Mittal Chief Patron

    Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India

  • Rashmi Mittal
    Smt Rashmi Mittal Patron

    Pro Chancellor,
    Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India

  • Ramesh Kanwar
    Prof. Ramesh Kanwar Patron

    Vice Chancellor,
    Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India