5th International Conference on

Sustainable Development Goals and Tourism:

Embracing People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace & Partnership (SDGT-2024)

February 27-29, 2024

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About the Conference

Tourism is a powerful force that has the potential to drive positive change across the globe. When harnessed responsibly, it can contribute to the well-being of communities, safeguard the environment, foster economic growth, promote peace, and strengthen partnerships between nations. Based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals created by UNWTO in 2015, which aims to confront growing sustainability challenges and safeguarding people, planet, prosperity for the development of peace and partnerships and most importantly aligns with the core focus of sustainable tourism development on people. Through collective effort and a shared commitment to these ideals, we can ensure that tourism becomes a force for good, leaving a legacy of prosperity and harmony for generations to come. In the light of above discussions the following questions should be considered and require to get addressed:

  • People: How to enhance the well-being and livelihoods of local communities and how to involve them in tourism activities and ensuring that they benefit economically, socially, and culturally.
  • Planet: How to protect and conserve natural and cultural resources, mitigating environmental impacts, and promoting eco-friendly practices.
  • Prosperity: How to foster economic growth, job creation, and inclusive wealth distribution through sustainable tourism development.
  • Peace: How to promote understanding, tolerance, and peaceful coexistence among tourists and host communities, contributing to peace-building efforts.
  • Partnership: How to foster collaboration between various stakeholders, including governments, local communities, private sector, and non-governmental organizations, for effective and inclusive tourism planning and management.

Chief Patron

Dr. Ashok Kumar Mittal

Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India


Smt Rashmi Mittal

Pro Chancellor,
Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India

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