International Conference on
Emerging Media Trend and Its Impact on Society & Governance in association with European Chemical Bulletin April 28-29, 2023 Online Registration

About Conference

Good governance is the bedrock for all round development of a nation. Its spectrum is very vast that entails interaction between the market, civil society and the government with a multi-pronged strategy to uphold rule of law, promoting transparency, accountability and human rights. Media as a fourth pillar of democracy plays a critical role in achieving these objectives by protecting human rights, curbing corruption, promoting rule of law, bringing change and ensuring people’s participation in decision making.

In a democratic society, like ours, media throws in public domain the government policies and thus provides the necessary checks and balances on government actions. Media, by publishing information also make the government more accountable to the people. The recent rapid advancement in technologies has brought about a paradigm shift in the way peoples access media, share information and communicate with each other. Thus, has paved a way to more informed societies which, for most governance actors, is why a free and plural media is most valued.

The two-day International Conference provides a vibrant platform to media professional, media academicians, and journalists for lively exchange of vivid ideas and brainstorm on emerging media trends and their role in good governance.

  • To provide an opportunity for media personalities, professionals and, academicians from Journalism and Mass-Communication and Creative and Performing arts to Creative and Performing Artistes to share their experiences on the latest advances and evolving developments paradigms in their respective fields.
  • To understand the future trends in media and arts creative industries
  • To deliberate on how these domains can contribute positively to the development of the society in digital age.
  • To provide a platform for innovative and new ideas to be heard and discussed.
  • To provide delegates and students with perfect settings to exchange research findings, best practices and emerging trends in Media, creative and performing arts
The conference proceedings will include expert lectures, panel discussions, and Oral/Poster presentations of research papers. Research papers, case studies, conceptual designs, experimental art, and creative works are invited on the themes mentioned.

The Patron

  • Ashok Mittal
    Shri Ashok K Mittal Chief Patron

    Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India

  • Rashmi Mittal
    Smt Rashmi Mittal Patron

    Pro Chancellor,
    Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India

  • Dr. Preeti Bajaj
    Dr. Preeti Bajaj Patron

    Vice Chancellor,
    Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India