The special focus of the conference will be on, but not necessarily restricted to following thrust areas:

Key Areas/Tracks:

  • Media Technology, Culture & Society
  • New World Information Order
  • New Strategies for Development Communication
  • Media Literacy in Post Truth Era

Sub Themes:

  • AI, VR & Technological innovations in Media
  • Evolving Ownership Patterns in Media Industry
  • Media for Community Mobilization
  • Political Discourse on Digital Media Platforms
  • New Challenges to Media Ethics & Press Freedom
  • Role of Media in Modern Governance
  • Political Economy of Media and its impact on Democracy
  • Role of Digital Media in Education
  • Social Media & Media Literacy
  • Responsible Journalism in the context of Socio-psychological impact
  • Impact of Media Bias, Distortion & Fake News
  • Media & Popular Culture
  • Advertising & PR in the Digital age
  • Cyber Laws-Privacy, Security & Trust
  • New Paradigms in Development Communication
  • Media & Sustainable Development Goals
  • Impact of Media on various Art forms
  • New Trends in Production & Exhibition of Visual Mediums (Film/TV/OTT)
  • Media and Promotion of Human Rights
  • Media and Empowerment of women and underprivileged sections of the society.