Mittal School of Business (India) invites all kind of papers from researchers, practitioners and research scholars for the conference that connect academic researches with broader practical and industrial context in this field. The special focus of the conference will be on, but not necessarily restricted to following thrust areas:

  • Track 1-Rethinking business model and the purpose of business in the era of disruption
  • Track 2-Rethinking marketing strategies for navigating digital disruption
  • Track 3-Rethinking Human Resources in the changing world
  • Track 4-Embracing disruptions in Finance & Accounting
  • Track 5-Enabling digital technology transformation in the era of disruption
  • Track 6-Rethinking economic policy interventions for unlocking new opportunities in the world of constant disruption
  • Track 7-Rethinking business sustainability in the emerging global context
  • Track 8-Operational resilience and efficiency under differing conditions of operational disruption