Conference Preamble

In today’s competitive scenario, no business can survive in isolation rather business enterprises have to pick one of the two option either fight or flight. The research reveals that the agile organisations are enthusiasts in encouraging innovation, win competitive advantage in the era of disruptions. The volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity in the global world has posed a challenge to the organisations to rethink the business strategies, operations, methods and tactics for enabling the future business success. For companies that are open, agile and creative can adapt quickly, the environment presents opportunities and a competitive advantage but on other hand companies slow in adapting will have a challenge of sustainability. To successfully compete in this era of disruption, companies need to rethink and design strategies to achieve excellence.

This one-day international conference will provide a platform to the researchers, executives, and thought leaders to assimilate the knowledge and get the opportunity to discuss, share insights through deep dive research findings. The participants will enjoy expanding academia-industry network, developing new connections that bring afresh energy to agile journey in a VUCA times.

Objectives Of The Conference

This one-day International Conference aims to:

  • Help researchers and practitioners audit the current strategies of the organizations and develop new approaches to implement and communicate strategy in the age of disruption.
  • Create a platform to expose participants to some of the most influential & successful strategies in a world of rapid and disruptive change.
  • Help organizations to explore and implement sustainable business strategies in the age of disruptions.
  • Bring together leading industry leaders, academicians, and research scholars to share their experiences and research insights in different management domains.