About Management Conclave-2017

World economy is going through a difficult phase marked by sluggish growth in the developed economies, conflict of interests between developing and the developed world, further marred by regional economic strains, armed conflicts and challenging international economic cooperation. While the markets in the developing world including Africa, Asia and South America are waiting to be unlocked and tapped by the MNCs, the competition is getting more intense in the existing scenario. Policymakers are struggling to find ways to cooperate and manage the current economic challenges while preparing their economies to perform well in an increasingly difficult and unpredictable global landscape. Amid short-term crisis management, it remains critical for countries to establish the fundamentals that underpin economic growth and development for the longer term. The complexity of today’s global economic environment has been further confounded by concerns of social and environmental sustainability, diversity and inclusiveness. In the marketplace, e-commerce and the new market entrants are becoming exceedingly aggressive making destabilization of established players frequent headlines. The resultant dynamics call for a relook at the pertinent strategies for Global Competitiveness as well as Economic Growth in the developing and the developed economies. The conclave aims at bringing together academicians, corporate professionals, policy makers, practitioners and experts working in the field of business management, in order for exchange of information and to discuss diverse challenges and strategies related to global competitiveness and economic growth.

The objectives of the conclave are:
  • Examining and exploring business practices and challenges confronted by corporate leaders, practitioners and researchers in different functional areas for sharpening competitive advantage.
  • Sharing insights and evaluating issues, experiences, challenges and initiatives related to economic growth.
  • Providing an opportunity to deliberate on and set the research agenda for competitive advantage and economic growth.