Call for abstracts / Papers

Publication partner

Journal: European Chemical Bulletin (SCOPUS)

Research Areas

  • Pharmaceutics/Pharmaceutical Technology/industrial pharmacy
  • Biotechnology/Pharm. analysis
  • Pharmaceutical/ organic/synthetic chemistry /Quality Assurance
  • Pharmacy Practice
  • OMICS Technology
  • Medical Pharmacology/Applied Zoology
  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Pharmacology

Important Information

In case of Full length Papers all Authors must be Registered to the Conference

Eligibility: Oral / Poster presentation

Oral Presentation &
Poster Presentation
Academicians, Research Scholars, PG & UG Students of Medical, Pharmacy, Allied Health sciences, Basic and Applied Sciences . 
  • The abstract submission has been closed.
  • The presenting author must be a registered delegate to ICRAHS-2023
  • The abstract must comprised of an introduction, aim & objectives, methods, results, & conclusion. Abstract text shall not exceed 300 words.(Template)
  • During submission of the paper, it should be indicated the Subject Category given above as Research areas
Selected full length papers will be published in Scopus Indexed Journals

Abstract Submission Guidelines

  • Abstracts must be presented in English comprising their original research findings
  • Font type: Times New Roman
  • Font size:
    • Title: 14 font
    • Author names : 12 font
    • Affiliations: 10 font
    • Corresponding author’s email: 10 font
    • Main text: 12 font
    • Key Words: 12 font.
  • The overall word count of the abstract should not exceed 300 words.
  • Abstract content: The abstract shall comprise of an introduction, aim & objectives, methods, results, summary, conclusion, and keywords as per the given template.
  • The abstracts should be arranged as follows
    • Background and Purpose
    • Materials and Methods
    • Results (numerical and / or statistical information are given)
    • Discussion
    • Conclusion
    • Exclude Materials, methods and results in case of review
  • Abbreviations used in running should be mentioned first.
  • Please refer to the template available on the website and prepare accordingly
  • Originality in work, plagiarism less than 10%, respective ethical approval based on the work, copyright: It is the responsibility of the authors to ensure originality of the research, as well as the abstract and posters.
  • Authors must ensure appropriate ethical/regulatory approval process wherever it is applicable for the images/data/research material included in the abstract and presentations. 
  • For more information and clarifications regarding abstracts submission you can write us at [email protected]

Note: The Status of the submitted abstract will be intimated to the authors via mail.

Abstract and full length paper Evaluation Process

  • The evaluations will be made online by the publication Chair and Committee, Name, surname and institutions of the authors will be kept confidential.
  • In order for the fair, unbiased and quick abstract evaluation, candidates must have completed the registration process for the conference.
  • Presentation Codes will be sent to the participants via email and the same must be reflected in their oral and Poster presentations.

Oral Presentation Preparation Guidelines 

  • Abstracts will be presented in English
  • Presentations should be prepared as ppt slides
  • Duration of the presentation: 10 minutes (8minutes + 2 minutes Q&A) 

Poster Preparation Guidelines 

  • Posters should be prepared in English
  • Poster size: 50 cm (width) x 70 cm (height).
  • Kindly note the abstract title, authors details on the top of the poster and the code on the top right position.

Mention the Conference ICRAHS 2020 at the bottom
You can contact Publication Chair of the Conference at [email protected] cc to [email protected] for all questions regarding the abstract submission.