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For any information please contact us and keep General chair in CC in your mails

General Chair
Dr. M. Vijay Kumar
Mob.: +91- 9036584058
Email: [email protected]

Program Chair
Dr. Navneeth Khurana
Mob.: +91- 9888599750
Email: [email protected]

General Co-chair
Dr. Charanjit Kaur
Mob.: +91- 8427085300

Publication Chair
Dr. Sachin Kumar Singh
Mob.: +91- 9888720835
Email: [email protected]

Registration Chair
Dr. Neha Sharma
Mob.: +91- 9888599760
Email: [email protected]

Program Chair from KUST (Associate Partner)
Dr. Noel Vinay Thomas
Department of Biomedical Science Komar University of Science and Technology Sarchinar-Qularaise District, Sulaymania City, 46001 Kurdistan Region- Iraq.
Email: [email protected]