International Conference on
Recent Advances In Health Sciences (ICRAHS-2023) Theme: Interdisciplinary Research: A key to transform Health care April 14-15, 2023 Journal: European Chemical Bulletin (SCOPUS) Online Registration


Associate Partner

Komar University of Science and Technology, Qularaisi, Sulaimaniyah, KRI, Iraq 

About Conference

This conference aims to bring the experts in the field of science to share their experience which will be the stepping stones of the delegates who are the participants of the conference.

The sessions, workshops and panel discussions planned are in line with recent advances and challenges in the health science research which will enable to refine and identify the hitches in the present research. We ensure the presence of international and national delegates where the new collaborations can take place and new opportunities emerge in the field of health sciences in terms of Student exchange, faculty exchange, resource mobilization and infrastructure sharing and many more. To make students aware the roots and means of research and pathway to pursue their research journey by crossing the boundaries and barriers and establishing their research to attain a better outcome for a noble cause.

The Patron

  • Ashok Mittal
    Shri Ashok K Mittal Chief Patron

    Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India

  • Rashmi Mittal
    Smt Rashmi Mittal Patron

    Pro Chancellor,
    Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India

  • Dr. Preeti Bajaj
    Dr. Preeti Bajaj Honorary Chair

    Vice Chancellor,
    Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India