Centre for Space Research, Lovely Professional University


LPU-Centre for Space Research is a central facility to conduct advanced space related studies. This lab facilitates the budding technocrats as well as young researchers to pursue their research activities related to space science and technologies which include communication with the International Space Station (ISS) and other satellites, download live satellite images, and receive telemetry, science/engineering data from nano-satellites and larger spacecraft.
The prime aim behind this program is to develop a world-class facility for payload design of small satellite missions. The lab acts as a key facility in the field of space research for LPU as well as a virtual lab for other universities, colleges and schools in India and the neighbouring countries of India to excel in the field of space sciences. The student trainees under this centre are engaged in satellite system design and system engineering; satellite payload and sub-system design and development; satellite assembly, integration, and testing; satellite launch and operation; payload data processing and application; HAM activities; participating in space competitions; ground station networking; and, scientific extension activities.