Conference Tracks

Smart Small Satellites and Payloads

  • Orbital and Attitude Control System
  • Power Management System for Small Satellite
  • Application based optimum payload design
  • Telemetry and Telecommand
  • Navigation and RF Systems
  • Flight & Ground Software
  • Structure, Mechanism and Materials
  • Hyperspectral Sensing
  • Quality, Testing and Reliability aspects of Small Satellites

Small Satellite Constellation Applications and Services

  • Communication Applications
  • Earth observation Applications
  • Disaster management Applications
  • Strategic Applications
  • Space observation Applications
  • Satellite image processing
  • Hyperspectral imaging

Communication Satellites

  • Intersatellite Communication
  • Personal Communication
  • Audio and Video Broadcasting
  • Internet Through Satellite
  • TT&C link design

Space Craft Autonomy and Onboard AI

  • Spacecraft control
  • Roles of autonomy in Launch and Propulsion
  • Onboard data processing and management
  • Onboard image processing
  • Ground System management

Constellation Management

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) based Constellation management
  • Machine Learning (ML) based Constellation management
  • Constellation Architectures
  • large constellations
  • Space traffic regulation
  • Application based optimum constellation selection
  • Debris Management
  • Future Challenges of Satellite Constellations

Space Law and Space Business

  • National and International laws for Space
  • Space Business
  • Space Access
  • Assuring Ecosystem in Space
  • Hazards and management of Space Debris